Cap Go Meh CTF Challenge 2020


This is a CTF challenge organized among by Mr Nobody.
The time would be 8-2-2020 1200(GMT+8) to 9-2-2020 0000(GMT+8). The challenges package could be download in here. Please download before the competition begins.
PS:The password could be obtained when the competition is begin.


Challenges End. This is the final scoreboard.

Thanks to all of you for participate in this CTF competition, hope you guys can enjoy this CTF. See you guys in next time.


This is cyber security challenges which involves different types of question:
Steganography, Forensic, Misc, Programming, Reverse Engineering and Cryptography.


  1. The organizer cannot participate and spread any flags in this challenge.
  2. Unlimited members per team and team members from each team can share an account.
  3. Do not share flags among participants or any social media.
  4. The brute force flag is not allowed. We will kick you out from the winner list if you do that.
  5. The flag format would be in reminthink{flag}, likes reminthink{W31c0m3_to_1C3C1U3CTF}
  6. Write up will be release after 24 hours after the competition.


    Just for fun. No prize is given.
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