Evil Cuteness (23 points) watevr CTF challenge 2019

This is a one of the CTF challenge I could solve.

  1. Honestly, this is the newbie challenge for the newbie like me.
  2. The file downloaded is kitty.jpg which is the picture of kitten. The hints:Omg, look at that cute kitty! It's so cute I can't take my eyes off it! Wait, where did my flag go?
  3. It seem like we can't easy get the flag by see and it maybe hide inside the file. I guess there maybe something weird inside that hide behind the file. I try to run binwalk to analyse and check.

  4. To extract the content, that's hide in the file. We can run binwalk -e kitty.jpg
  5. We get a zip and abc text document. We open the abc.txt.
  6. Yup, we get the flag which is watevr{7h475_4c7u4lly_r34lly_cu73_7h0u6h}